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Our mission is to empower small and medium business improve efficiencies and reduce costs with data analytics on modern cloud infrastructure

About us

SriCorp, established in 2006 has over fourteen years of IT Solutions, Advanced Data Analytics Consulting and Professional Services Experience. Solutions Include but not Limited to BMC, Remedy, Services Management, IT Audit & Governance, Business Analytics, ISO 27001, IT Enterprise Architecture, Financial Services. With Commitment to Strive for Excellence, having the Right Attitude in Stretching limits for perfection

Our Solutions

Data Analytics and Machine Learning

We bring over 10 years experience in Advanced analytics with traditional statistics and Machine Learning techniques. We specialize in Google tensorflow and Pytorch frameworks. We offer end to end solutions ranging rom data feature engineering, model development, model hosting on containerized setup. We have assisted companies in analyzing text data with advanced natural language processing techniques. We have experience in implementing Machine Learning for IOT devices.

Digital Transformation

We specialize in Amazon AWS, Google GCP and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms. We have assisted companies in migrating to cloud and building capabilities to manage volume, variety and huge velocity of data. We bring experience in best practices in continuous integration to minimize cloud infrastructure expenses. We place skilled technicians to prepare your legacy systems data to migrate to the cloud.

IT consulting and software Quality assurance

We provide Technology Solutions for Various Domains (Financial, Banking, Telecom, Utility, Manufacturing, Retail, Pharmaceutical) in Every Step of the Software Development Life Cycle. Years of Experience in Testing and Quality assurance Gives us the Strength and In depth Knowledge in Various Testing methodologies to Help our Clients in Every step of the Software Development Life Cycle.

We conduct Trainings and


We offer Customized workshops in

  • Machine Learning best practices. Deployment strategies

  • BIG DATA Hadoop Distribution on Cloud Era & Horton Works

  • Databases: DB2, Oracle, SQL Server

  • Advanced Tableau with focus on Python and R integration

  • Agile Scrum Certification

Clients and Partners

Corporate Headquarters

SriCorp Inc.

136 Northwoods Blvd #A2

Columbus, OH 43235

Phone: (614) 204 5660

Fax: (614) 453 5690